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We all have a bit of gypsy in us, whether exploring archives and images from another time or losing ourselves in a work of art. We wander, we seek out new information and experiences, and we are changed as a result. Each of us is an ever changing mosaic of our different experiences, just as the NARM Association is an ever changing mosaic of each of our institutions - and what an amazing mosaic it has become!

NARM now has 1,038 member institutions and we wish to extend a warm welcome to our newest members - 25 in all from two different countries and 16 different states. We hope that each will grow in membership and that they enjoy exploring the amazing variety of experiences our NARM institutions have to offer.

Last, but not least, many thanks to Leslie Kell for sharing Your Gypsy Soul which inspired me and this brief note. Leslie writes: "The Mystic Collection of abstracted tree cathedrals continues with photos captured at San Antonio’s San Jose Mission and Breckenridge Park’s Japanese

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Cover Photo © Detail, Leslie Kell, Your Gypsy Soul, 2018.

Detail, Leslie Kell, Your Gypsy Soul, 2018

Tea Garden. So many wonderful visuals in these settings. Watch for more from these photo shoots.

The title comes from Into The Mystic by Van Morrison."

If you have artwork that you would like to share, we hope you will contact us and tell us your story! Don't forget to provide a link to your work - [email protected]

Virginia Phillippi

Executive Director