NAILBA Perspectives Winter 2020 - Page 21

Simple tips to build persistency over the phone :
Medicare sales have remained a kitchen-table event for the past 54 years . Turns out , however , there isn ’ t that much to creating the secret sauce for phone sales success .
Stand out from the crowd
Understand that our clients forget us . They are older and have a lot of advisors that all seem to blend together . Dan , Mark and Tom are all nice guys who handle their mortgage , financial planning or tax advice . Don ’ t allow yourself to blend in with the bland pack . Stand out by getting the real you out there . Professionals struggle to blend in with the same suit and tie and conservative hair-cut . But the greatest asset you have for standing out , is you . Share your hobbies , your interests , your cute cat and son in baseball to build a deeper relationship with your phone clients .
Selling yourself is imperative with phone sales , because there are hundreds of agents on dialers behind you , ready to call your client and steal her away . My clients know me . They know how many kids I have ( 4 ) and all about the latest exchange students we have hosted ( The Netherlands and Vietnam ). They know my pygmy goats love to jump in my car when I try to leave and that my son just isn ’ t ready to get engaged although I ’ m dying to become a grandma . Is this my schtick ? Yep . But my clients feel like they really know me and that shows in my retention rates and the amount of referral I receive .
Getting personal
If you are reluctant to share your family , or don ’ t have a family , just talk about what you do for fun . Even if it is crossword puzzles because you are a real homebody — that is still marketing gold if you use it . Send everyone a puzzle once a year . Show photos of you working on puzzles . Trust me , your clients will remember you and not confuse you with their accountant .

Simple tips to build persistency over the phone :

1 . Send your client a brief , fun video after the sale preparing them for the next steps in the process , and of course , showing them your face .
2 . Connect with your clients on Facebook ( use all necessary caution here !)
3 . Personalize your newsletter with a section on what is going on with you or your family outside of work . Just a small photo of you and your dog goes a long way .
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