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Why IUL is even more valuable today Between the economic environment , global pandemic and now AG 49A , 2020 has shook up the life insurance industry , but it hasn ’ t diminished the value of IUL . In fact , it highlights four reasons why selling IUL is even more critical .
In short
AG 49A means a more conservative IUL illustration . However , the silver lining is that performance is likely to exceed client expectations . When you consider that and the inherent benefits of the product , it ’ s still a great time to sell IUL .
Death benefit Whether a client is concerned about their mortality because of COVID-19 or not , it ’ s all around us , making it one of the easiest times in history to have a conversation about the importance of a death benefit that exceeds account value and protects family and business .
Living benefits Permanent life insurance isn ’ t only valuable once the insured dies . During their lifetime it can be used as a retirement income supplement , emergency fund , college funding , or to offset long-term care costs .
Tax benefits Once money is put into a properly structured and managed permanent life insurance product like IUL , no additional taxes are due on that premium or growth . Most economic experts are predicting future tax increases and a life insurance product could help immunize a policyholder against that .
Indexed crediting benefits
The floor and reset mechanisms can be a viable solution in response to the extended low interest rate and volatile stock market that many are predicting .
Jason Konopik F . S . A ., MAAA Area President
Partners Advantage Insurance Services , a Gallagher Company
Jason Konopik has over 25 years of industry experience and has helped develop more than 10 products with industry-recognized life insurance carriers represented by Partners Advantage , an IMO providing agent development and recruiting support to producers and managing general agents .
Louis Slagle Area Senior Vice President
Advantage Distribution Partners Advantage Insurance Services , a Gallagher Company
Louis has 15 years of industry experience in financial planning , wholesaling , advanced markets , product development and distribution management . Twelve of those years focused primarily on indexed universal life ( IUL ), where he was involved in building three of the industry ’ s leading IUL products .
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