NAILBA Perspectives Winter 2020 - Page 14

Best practices from page 12
Ms . Hannam emphasized that technology is a big part of her plans , too . She said , “ Like many in our industry , we will continue to have technology and systems in place to handle business as efficiently and effectively as possible . We will keep doing what we are doing , but we ’ ll also continue to look at other opportunities to grow while maintaining our excellent service model to help advisors grow their businesses .”
Mr . Heckert said , “ We ’ ve operated our client meetings through Zoom and other digital options for more than eight years , so we were ahead of client engagement without face-to-face meetings . As we approach 2021 , we intend to continue our growth strategy of acquiring clients from other advisors who are retiring and serving those new clients — wherever they may be — with enhanced virtual communication methods . Our firm has merged 14 firms into this model with a high level of success , and we believe it is the best way to deliver efficient advice and client value . We have adapted our presentations to be digital friendly and continue that through the entire underwriting process . DocuSign and paper-free underwriting options are available through a number of companies , and they will get our business most often . We have been able to increase our level of service while becoming a lot more efficient , which helps us serve our clients faster and better .”
To summarize , it ’ s fair to say that top people in this business are using technology to a greater degree than ever before , while at the same time remaining focused on the foundational strengths of this business . Although technology is enhancing efficiencies , understanding and addressing client needs are still at the heart of the business . Likewise , developing and maintaining good client relationships are still at the heart of understanding and addressing needs . If there ’ s a bright side to these changing times , perhaps these pros and their current best practices have revealed it .
Charles K . Hirsch , CLU
Chuck Hirsch , CLU , is the former editor and publisher of Life Insurance Selling magazine . He continues to contribute to insurance industry publications , in addition to providing consulting and marketing services through his firm , Hirsch Communications Consulting , LLC . He can be reached at Charles . k . Hirsch @ gmail . com

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