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Estimated number of people turning 65 every day
Their checkbook is just the funding mechanism but their health is what allows them to buy the insurance .
7,000 2010
2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 2022 2024 2026 2028 2030
Source : http :// mathscinotes . com / 2016 / 07 / 10000-boomers-turning-65-everyday /
Senior Markets from page 26
New ways to answer old questions Every day I come to the office ; my mind runs through three scenarios :
1 . How do I help my agents effectively communicate and solicit consumers ?
2 . How do I help my agents market in their markets ? 3 . How do I effectively communicate and recruit agents ?
These are three very different types of conversations . Allow me to expand on how I address these questions and , keep in mind , one size does not fit all .
Addressing # 1
First , I ’ d like to address how I go about talking with both agent and client , because that is more natural for me . Most of the time , the agent just introduces me and off I go .
The first thing I do is commend the client for wanting to have the conversation about extended care planning and ask them what they know about long-term care insurance . This really tells me a lot … what they know and more importantly what they do not know . It usually leads into a comment about their health and that is when I transition into a conversation about prequalifying health . I explain how their checkbook is just the funding mechanism but their health is what allows them to buy the insurance . Then I go through and conceptually explain the solutions available today ; traditional LTC , hybrid , linked benefits , annuities etc . It always comes down to one of two options .
Addressing # 2
Putting together a marketing calendar is essential for supporting an agent ’ s success . I enjoy talking through building a consumer marketing campaign , whether that is direct mail , email and / or social media . I do not enjoy chasing parked cars , so we go to their natural market and develop a plan that brings them the most success . For instance , if you ’ re a P & C agency with more commercial business , then we talk about selling long-term care insurance to the business owners and how that conversation is different than the “ feels ” versus “ needs ” based conversation we have with private individuals .
Addressing # 3
The other conversation I often have during the week is how to effectively communicate and recruit agents . This one is the hardest . This year has brought all traveling to a screeching halt , so it ’ s imperative to have a digital presence and that makes it harder to put your best foot forward .
I openly admit the whole SEO , keyword analysis , organic internet traffic , is not in my wheelhouse . So , I had to find someone with that digital expertise . I try to complement that by always being forward-thinking with webinars , sales ideas , marketing concepts , and ways that I am able to help agents sell more insurance .
Marching on
With everyone taking to the world wide web , it is important not to get left behind , but nothing can replace the relationship-based business that we are in . That is the exact reason I am so excited for 2021 . By taking some “ old ” and some “ new ” and blending them together , I expect we will build remarkable relationships and a wonderful season of selling for agents .
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