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LIFE LESSONS Life lessons — Don’t take it personally The best advisors I know are passionate about this business. They have a deep passion for helping people understand the importance of being protected with a sound financial plan, including life insurance at its foundation. And, the best seems to feel a calling to protect as many people as possible. But there’s a fine line between being passionate and feeling personally responsible. And feeling responsible for what is ultimately the client’s decision can sometimes derail the advisor’s efforts. No matter how good you are with understanding a prospect’s needs, and building a solid plan, some people simply will not hear what you have to say. Charles K. Hirsch, CLU Chuck Hirsch, CLU, is the former editor and publisher of Life Insurance Selling magazine. He continues to contribute to insurance industry publications, in addition to providing consulting and marketing services through his firm, Hirsch Communications Consulting, LLC. He can be reached at [email protected]. The one that got away Think about your most frustrating case. You know the one. Remember how excited you were when you met the prospect and how things seemed to click right away? Then as you got to know them and understand their situation, it became clearer they had significant risks and real needs. You enthusiastically built a bullet-proof plan, only to have it fall flat in presentation. The prospect never purchased the plan or anything else from you. And, that same prospect today has the same risks and problems that your plan could have solved. If you have a case like that, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, some advisors end up blaming themselves and ultimately taking personal responsibility for what was the prospect’s decision. Cutting across cultural grain There is no way to solve every problem for every client or prospect. Quite frankly, no matter how good you are with understanding a prospect’s needs, and building a solid plan, some people simply will not hear what you have to say. Another harsh reality is that much of our culture fights against you. Today people are encouraged to believe strongly in themselves, and in doing what makes the most sense for themselves. Buying life insurance purely for the good of someone else — even if that someone is a family member — is an act that often cuts against the cultural grain. Even in some areas of the financial world, people frequently hear that life insurance — particularly whole life — is a bad investment. In reality, nothing is further from the truth. But if someone has that mindset, good luck overcoming it. Five steps for moving forward: 1 Have confidence that your story is worth telling. There is no financial product that accomplishes what life insurance does, so it is important to keep telling and retelling your story. 2 Know your efforts are not wasted. Think about your successes and what a difference you’ve made for your clients. 3 Learn from what didn’t work. When rejection comes, don’t ignore it. Look at what you can do differently the next time to create a better outcome. 4 Accept that there are some people who aren’t ever going to buy, nor take any advice you offer. 5 Know the time and effort you’ve put in is never a waste. Perhaps your discussion has planted a seed, and perhaps you or another advisor will harvest that seed later. You never know. Long-term care protection may be their best asset We can help you provide peace of mind for your clients by protecting them from the impact of a long-term care event. Our Care Solutions asset- based long-term care products offer lifetime benefits, so your clients may be protected as long as they need*. Perspectives Q2 2019 *Lifetime coverage is optional and at an additional cost. Call 1-866-986-9439 or visit to learn more. No doubt, when faced with temporary setbacks, it’s hard not to beat yourself up. Yet, don’t get caught in that trap. Learn from failure and fuel your passion to do even better the next time. But don’t take it personally. 30 Note: Products issued and underwritten by The State Life Insurance Company ® (State Life), Indianapolis, IN, a OneAmerica company that offers the Care Solutions product suite. Not available in all states or may vary by state. Life Insurance | Retirement | Employee Benefits © 2019 OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. All rights reserved. I-30239 04/15/19