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perspectives BROKERAGE INDUSTRY INSIGHTS FALL 2018 contents Features 7 F  inal Thoughts as Your 2018 Chairman Following the 20th Annual Meeting of the TYGERS, our 2018 chairman penned his parting thoughts on the state of the nation’s brokerage distribution marketplace and his perspective on the future of the industry. JEFFREY MOOERS 8  an Long Distance C ‘Business’ Relationships Really Work? Technology is allowing businesses of all types to reach larger geographical areas and grow faster than ever before. However, the risk is a higher quantity of business relationships will lead to lower quality relationships. Many of us know from personal and professional experience that it’s harder to get to trust someone when you never interact in person. How can a brokerage take advantage of the scaling potential provided by technology without sacrificing the quality of client relationships? Katie Elliott says, just be smart and strategic about your communications. 8 15 KATIE ELLIOTT 15 B  racing for the Blue Wave What to expect from a Democrat-controlled Congress, whether they only win the House or pick up the Senate too. Lobbyist and policy expert Mark Valentini shares his insight in our legislative update. MARK VALENTINI, MPP 16 P  erspectives from the Hill Congress leave town with a lot of work to do when they return following the midterm elections. What happen since Labor Day and what will they do when post-midterm? What bills will get ‘kicked down the road’ to the second session of the 115th Congress? Our partners at NAIFA explain in the latest GovTalk. Departments 5 CEO Insights NAILBA 37 is here! 15 Legislative Update Bracing for the Blue Wave MARK VALENTINI, MPP DAN LABERT 7 Chairman’s Corner Final Thoughts as Your 2018 Chairman JEFFREY D. MOOERS 12 NAILBA Charitable Foundation  It’s Been an Honor and My Pleasure ALAN PROTZEL 16 Washington Update  GovTalk Monthly Update 19 Agency Successor Networking Group  ASNG 2019 and Beyond JERRY C. THOMAS, CFP® 20 Carrier Updates News from Mutual of Omaha 21 Brokerage In Motion 22 In Memoriam: Ronald Verzone, CFP®, CLTC, CIC 22 Index of Advertisers 22 Calendar of Events 12 21 3