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The Biggest Problem for 9 out of 10 BGAs is Creating Content PUT OUR AWARD-WINNING CREATIVE TEAM TO WORK FOR YOU! Everyone wants attention-grabbing marketing and content that generates results. In today's world, many companies lack the resources to get it done right and get it done fast. Think of us as an on-demand extension to your marketing department. We'll dive in and help you accomplish any project to rapidly accelerate your growth. From custom articles, email, website content, white papers, video, thought leadership and just about any other type of promotion, we have you covered: Ads • Strategic creative direction • Professional copywriting • Award-winning design • Multi-stage proofing process Articles • Comprehensive campaign tracking and data collection • Mobile-friendly and multi-browser compatible format • CRM integration White Papers Reports A Fresh Look at Retirem ent Planning If you’re talking about the Spousal Continuation feature with your financial professional, that means you have also discussed the Retirement Cornerstone variable annuity. Retirement ® Cornerstone® with guaranteed benefit riders—like the Spousal Continuation feature—is appealing as a retirement planning because it can help you: strategy • Manage income for yourself • Customize income and take advantage of potential interest rate rises • Provide protection for your spouse and family down the road You can take action now that can help your goals become a reality. Custom Email and Landing P Blasts ages Longer, Healthier Lives Await You and Your Spouse We’re living longer, healthier lives. Are you sure you and your spouse will enough income? have “ Picturing yourself as a retiree may be hard. But if you could envision those years, you’d probably future see a life full of activity and decades of health, and prosperity. Rocking happiness chairs and lap shawls may not be on the agenda. reality, however, is probably The somewhere in between. People are living longer and longer. You may need to plan for a 25-to-30 -year retirement. ” Population aging has emerged as a major demographi c worldwide trend. The States is following suit, United with Americans living longer as death rates fall. Growth in Life Expectancy Male Female in the U.S. 1,2 72.0 81.1 75.3 76.4 Retirement Cornerstone® with the Spousal Continuation feature • Upfront decision-making • Post-purchase flexibility • Guaranteed income and protection for both spouses • No additional cost beyond the rider fee 81.2 66.1 48.3 51.1 1900 1950 2008 2014 1 National Institute on Aging and U.S. Census Bureau, An Aging World: 2008 International Population Reports, June 2009 Stop by booth #304 to find out how we can ignite your marketing! 2 National Vital Statistics Reports, Deaths: Final Data for 2014, Volume 65, Number 4, June 30, 2016 2 Retirement Cornerstone® Variable Annuity with the Spousal Continuation Feature: Built-in Confidence for Your Spouse’s Future Email [email protected] or call us today at 717.441.9357 ext. 125. 10 perspectives FALL 2018