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Mental Health

issues in your clients ’ workplaces

Charles K . Hirsch , CLU , is the former editor and publisher of Life Insurance Selling magazine . He continues to contribute to insurance industry publications , in addition to providing consulting and marketing services through his firm , Hirsch Communications Consulting , LLC . He can be reached at Charles . k . Hirsch @ gmail . com
These pandemic times have revealed a lot of issues in our lives beyond the obvious health and economic challenges . One emerging weakness is the too-often inadequate support for people in need of mental health help .
In a recent study conducted by The Hartford , in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( NAMI ), a significant “ disconnect ” is revealed between how employers view mental health support and how their employees see it . The study found that most employers ( 68 %) believe they foster an open and inclusive work environment that encourages a dialogue about mental health , but less than half ( 42 %) of United States workers agree . In addition , only 44 % of working adults believe that they have flexibility in their schedule to get the mental health help they need , compared with 71 % of employers who believe they are offering their employees that flexibility .
Pandemic-size impact
Nearly one half of employees ( 48 %) reported their anxiety level has increased since COVID .
About one quarter ( 24 %) of employees said they struggled with depression or anxiety on a daily or weekly basis in June , an increase compared to those surveyed in March ( 20 %).
Gen Z and younger Millennials ( born 1995 – 2002 ) were nearly three times more likely to experience struggles with depression or anxiety most days or few times a week than Boomer workers ( born 1955 – 1966 ).
“ Especially during these difficult times , treatment can make a positive impact on anyone struggling with their mental health ,” said Daniel H . Gillison , Jr ., CEO of NAMI . “ We know that reducing stigma and getting help early makes a difference . We call on fellow business leaders to join us in creating a new standard for employee benefits that include mental health resources which not only improve the lives of employees , but also the overall success of the company .”