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e-Engagement has resulted in increased productivity and customer retention . Are you part of the new normal ?

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Are you part of the new normal ?

While e-Engagement models are not new to the insurance industry , adoption has been slow , and many have fought it for years .
The COVID pandemic has challenged traditional business models and forced Carriers , Vendors & Distribution to adopt new methodologies , revisiting the complete life of an application . Whether we wanted to or not ; e-Applications , Data Based Decisioning , AI / ML and e-Delivery have become a necessity to assist the ultimate customers , the insured and their beneficiaries , in obtaining a policy . These forced e-Engagement processes have reshaped how we do business today and will continue to do so in the future .
The global pandemic and lockdowns of 2020 served as the perfect push for innovation and forced our industry to engage new novel methods , creating a new normal . Those who embraced the new normal of e-Engagement have seen increased productivity . So how did they make the transition of educating themselves , their team members and customers ; as well as defining internal processes to support all different platforms ?
The answer , many collaborated with e-Process experts to assist with the change to digital environment by utilizing their human capital and expertise . Managing the office cultural change to remote is hard enough , let alone learning a completely different set of rules of engagement . Partnering with those who are already e-Engaged , allowed them to focus on supporting their advisors to bring in the sale .
Another contributor to success was positive marketing around e-Engagement as an enhancement to customer service . It is not a cold process if you properly connect with the customer . Educating and setting expectations with advisors is key . It naturally trickles down to the ultimate customer creating a positive experience .

e-Engagement has resulted in increased productivity and customer retention . Are you part of the new normal ?

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