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10X return on BGA ’ s investment with highly effective commission process

Most companies focus their attention on growing revenue : “ sales must come first !” But wait ! To really get a 10X ROI you must ensure your staff is effective .
Investment into effective operations is the Holy Grail for every growing BGA , it impacts your profitability with a 10X multiplier . Once the sale is made , one must also collect the REWARD ( commissions in this case ) and make sure they don ’ t lose their pants in the process . They also must handsomely and promptly reward the sales force to keep them feeling excited and appreciated ! Let your guard down for just a moment and the trouble will ensue .
Traditionally , commission is the area of pain — one that the leadership tries to stay away from , work around , or take as a fact of life as their agency moves through different stages of growth — “ starving hunter ” to “ profit powerhouse .” Super-focused on sales , agencies make trade-offs that make things seem easier in the short term but plague their ability to grow in the long run .
What are the traits of a top-notch business system for managing commissions ?
A single person-in-charge – one that has OWNERSHIP of the commission process .
A well-documented and tested commission management process ! The right software package will streamline your process , but you still must start with an EFFECTIVE PROCESS and then document it to achieve continuity , redundancy through cross-training , replication , and proper software implementation !
Highly automated software to handle all intricacies of your business and to cover ALL aspects of commissions : schedules , compensation , verification , payout calculation , statement delivery and reporting . Especially the exceptions !
An integrated service provider with personal and high-touch service . With the ever-changing IT landscape , you ’ ll need it !
Ready-to-go process and materials for onboarding and training of new commission personnel .
LEADERS of the most successful BGAs and agencies KNOW : an effective system for handling commissions is STRATEGIC and CRITICAL for ensuring unrestricted and painless growth . This is an investment into your organization ’ s wellbeing with 10X RETURN .

Highly effective commissions

Stop Manual Processing ! Automatically validate and payout commissions . Let the machines do the processing for you . Success — GUARANTEED !.
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