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Although it is a non-toxic it can displace the oxygen you breathe causing suffocation .
You can recognize a leak
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America ’ s Pipeline Network
There are over 300,000 miles of natural gas pipelines in the United States . Pipelines are the safest method of transportation . Natural gas provides about 24 percent of all the energy used in the Unites States .
Pipelines are made of steel , covered with protective coating and or PE plastic pipe buried underground . They are tested and maintained through the use of diagnostic tools and cathodic protection . You may recognize pipeline markers indicating the presence of underground gas lines , however , not all pipelines are marked and markers where present may not be located directly over the line . New Albany Housing Authority personnel will work with local police and fire departments in the event of an emergency .
Our hope is to be a good neighbor and provide you with information to help you avoid potentially dangerous activity near the gas lines in your area and to be able to recognize and respond to a possible gas leak .
If you have any questions or would like more information , please call New Albany Housing Authority at 945-2795 .
Carbon Monoxide Awareness : Carbon Monoxide can be very a by-product of an inefficient or improperly working gas fired appliance . Carbon monoxide is a colorless , odorless , poisonous gas that kills more than 200 people in the U . S . every year . Make sure your equipment is in good working order and properly vented . Check flues and chimneys to be sure they are clean and clear of debris .
Recognize a leak
Natural gas is lighter than air and will rise . Other heavierthan-air gases will stay near the ground and collect in low spots . Leaking natural gas is potentially dangerous .
By Smell : A natural gas leak is indicated by the strong odor of the chemical , mercaptan , which is added to natural gas . By Sight : a dense white cloud over a pipeline , or discolored vegetation surrounding the gas line may be signs of a leak . Also blowing dirt , dust or bubbles in standing water . By Sound : an unusual noise coming from the natural gas line , like a hissing or roaring sound , may be a sign of a leak
What to do if I recognize a leak …
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Leave the leak area immediately If the leak is at your home , leave the door open as you leave Go to a safe location and call New Albany Housing Authority at 945-2795 , giving your name and location of the leak .
What NOT to do if I recognize a leak …
� DO NOT light a match , turn on or off light switches , turn on flashlight or anything may create a spark
� DO NOT use the telephone , cell phone , television or radio � DO NOT use an automatic garage door � DO NOT turn on gas range or other gas appliance .
Each natural gas service is equipped with a meter ( s ) which serves the customer . If a gas line is accidentally broken and a leak is obvious – shut off any equipment or open flames in the area which might ignite the gas – evacuate the area and report the leak immediately to New Albany Housing Authority at 945-2795 . In an emergency the gas to any house can be shut off at the meter .
Gas meters should be kept free from obstructions , such as trees and shrubs , to provide access to the meter for maintenance as well as in the event of an emergency .
Before you dig or excavate , you must contact the I . U . P . P . S . – “ One-call ” system at 811 . You are required by state law to notify I . U . P . P . S . not less than 2 working days before digging , excavating or demolition activity begins whether
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