NAHA Newsletter July 2021 - Page 3

Congrats to Super Mom Sondra Daly ! Sondra , a mother of five children , joined FSS in 2020 just before Covid – 19 hit and was temporarily stopped in her tracks . After losing her job , she found herself seeking employment . Her FSS case worker Cindy kept in contact and sent encouragement and job leads . Sondra was able to quickly rebound , accepting a position with Teal Logistics , a contractor for Amazon . This position offers better pay and better positions her to move on to her next goal of getting a college degree . Sondra has high expectations for herself and her family and has very specific goals for the future . She recently enrolled in DeVry University , is an “ A ” student and will soon be completing her degree in Information Technology with a minor in Human Resources . Sondra would like to spread the word that setting goals and making a plan works and that it is never to late to go back and retrieve those dreams you always had for yourself . We commend Sondra for her determination and hope that she continues setting and achieving her goals !

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