NAHA Neighborhoods September 2022 - Page 3

Family Self-Sufficiency Success

Jasmine Anderson grew up in New Albany and found herself expecting a child at a young age . She applied for affordable housing with NAHA and was able to obtain an apartment at the Parkview / Broadmeade campus . When Jasmine got her apartment , she needed everything . Her property manager told her to call FSS to help with furniture referrals . Jasmine said that was the best phone call she ever made . Not only did the ladies at the Family Support office put her in contact with a local organization for household items , they gave her hope . Jasmine quickly determined that she needed to be enrolled in the Family Self-Sufficiency ( FSS ) program . She needed a job , she needed transportation , she needed childcare and this was just for starters . Jasmine met with her case worker Stacy and sat down to develop a set of achievable goals . One step at a time , she tackled each task . Things were not always smooth and easy , but Jasmine NEVER gave up . While in FSS , Jasmine had another child . She also found herself in a situation where she had to move into a different apartment in a completely different part of town . This took some adjustment but she did this for the safety of her small family . Jasmine would get up extra early to walk her kids to day care before going to work . She put a ton of miles on her baby stroller . All of these life situations only made her stronger and more determined . Jasmine took charge with her case manager and continued working on her goals . She began getting wages . She filed her taxes for FREE at the FSS office and was able to buy a car with her Earned Income Tax Credit from the IRS . Jasmine has now successfully completed the FSS program and received her escrow check . She now lives in a small house with her two boys and life is good . Jasmine has more goals and is building a life . She wants to buy a house and knowing Jasmine that is right around the corner !