NAHA Neighborhoods June 2022 - Page 3

Family Self-Sufficiency Successes

The New Albany Housing Authority would like to congratulate a few FSS participants who have made a commitment to repair credit . They are so close to their goal to buy homes . The hard work is paying off . If owning your very own home is your dream , come into the FSS office and we can help make this dream come true .
Family Self-Sufficiency Credit Repair
Elizabeth Lockhart said , “ I thought my credit was a lost cause , but after meeting with Cindy I was surprised to see that it was not that bad .”
Savannah Dunn is all set after working on her credit . She is ready to meet with lenders to see what her next steps are .
Kim Payne has finished her homeownership counseling . She is ready to utilize a Section 8 homeownership voucher .

June 13 12-1pm 211 Erni