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My life in Anguilla
Reasons why I love living in Anguilla
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Anguilla through my eyes

by Shellecia Brooks-Johnson My Anguilla Experience
My life in Anguilla
Anguilla is still relatively unknown but if you have visited this gem in the Caribbean , most likely you love it . As a native Anguillian , I unreservedly believe that Anguilla is a great place to both live and visit .
My life in Anguilla is unrushed . My mornings begin slowly with the sounds of the Caribbean … the barks of dogs and the cooing of birds , the incessant crowing of roosters , the rustle of a gentle breeze through my fruit and palm trees , high pitched voices of neighbourhood children and the occasional passage of a car .
Even driving through The Valley ( our capital ) in the early morning ‘ traffic ’ doesn ’ t feel like a hustle . There is still time for persons to blow their horns to greet passersby and other drivers , pick up pedestrians or to stop at the bakery to grab a quick breakfast before work .
When I am intentional about it , I can make it to the beach once or twice during the week . Not everyone loves the beach but outside of work , most persons make time for extracurricular activities from playing sports or engaging in church activities to going to the gym or hanging out at a bar .
Living on an island which is 35 square miles ( 16 miles long and 3 miles wide ) means that whether I am going to the grocery store , picking up my son from school , attending a festival or dining at a restaurant , I am going to encounter someone or many people that I know . Anonymity is not a thing here .
At the heart of it , Anguilla is a small , friendly community where family and friendships are still important . Whether you were born here or came here … it is simply home .
Reasons why I love living in Anguilla
I have lived in both Canada and the United Kingdom so I can appreciate changing seasons . However , I love warmth , and the appeal of an endless summer . Caribbean living is ideal for me .
In addition , I have two children and while Anguilla has changed a bit since I was a child , in many ways they will still get the same type of free and safe childhood that I had . Bonus , they get to grow up close to extended family .
Our beautiful beaches and scrumptious food are also among the top reasons why I love living in Anguilla .