Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine October 2020 - Page 128

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with Patricia C . Daway

Fit for Life : Knowing Self

Hello everyone , I ’ m back again with another issue of being Fit-for-Life , not only in the physical but the holistic approach of Mind , Body & Spirit . Last issue , we covered the awareness of how we obtain right thinking to achieve the results we desire by tapping into our higher consciousness . This issue speaks to knowing self to actualize appropriate self-expression towards self and others .
We tend to look outside of ourselves for that thing we deem to be better than us . But there is nothing outside of self that is better . We have to know that others are thinking the same thing – that they are trying to do the same thing . Everybody is looking outside themselves for better . If we look within ourselves we will realize that we do have everything that we want or need for life ’ s sustainability . Funny it took me this long to get to this pinnacle of reasoning , but nonetheless , it ’ s my path to life ’ s best .
I ’ ve come to understand a long time ago that how someone treats you is a literal demonstration of how they feel about you . However , it is often my policy to extend the rule of “ giving one the benefit of the doubt ” as a means of giving people time to prove me wrong .