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Ostrich Farm In Groot St . Joris , Santa Catharina , an exciting adventure awaits , with Ostriches ! Ride around on a safari truck and observe these interesting birds from a distance , or disembark and interact with them - touch , feed or even ride them .

After your visit , a relaxing African-themed meal is the next best thing at Zambezi Restaurant , on site . Before you leave , be sure to get a souvenir or two at the Art of Africa Shop www . curacaoostrichfarm . com
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Here the foundation was set. After Bridgeport I went on to the University of Technology where I majored in Marketing and International Business. Four years later I ventured on to the UK to work and study, which was an experience of a lifetime and one I will always hold dear to my heart as it was in London the concept of Irie Rock was born. It was no surprise that London was the first international city we started exporting to. What was your motivation to start your own skin care product line? Due to my own skin issues. Growing up I had acne-prone skin. Even as an adult, I still have the occasional breakout but nothing major because I have been able to control it over the years with the Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Acne Line. The company was started in 2009 with the first product, Irie Rock Body Oil. The Body Care line was our first, then Skincare followed. Our best selling product is the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Acne line. Conversation with Some Irie Rock history Racquell Brown owner of Were it not for being made redundant, I would not have become the successful Jamaican woman I am today. After the first wave of redundancies I took my two weeks’ vacation and acquired my first set of customers. Literally a year after that I was let go, which was good for me. It gave me an opportunity to finally focus on the marketing of my own business which was registered in 2009. In fact, only a month later, Irie Rock gained its first significant client with a hotel-chain in Jamaica. Irie Rock is located in Portmore, my hometown. Portmore is my stomping ground, here is where I live and also attended school from primary to high school. I attended Bridgeport Primary then went on to Bridgeport High which is where I developed my work ethic and lifelong friendships. To Table of Contents Do you have a personal favourite? My favourite varies as my personal needs change. Currently our Vitamin C Serum has me feeling all kind of beautiful. As I’m getting older, this product has become one of my must- haves. I absolutely love how this ingredient can transform the skin when used properly. We have recently added the Vitamin C Serum to our range of products where we have 4 boosters in our one month package giving our customers a fresh batch of Vitamin C booster each week. By doing this the customer is ensured that they are getting the optimum and best product over the 7-day period of usage. This guarantees freshness, which is great for Vitamin C because after a while it tends to oxidise which is bad for the skin, so being able to control when to make up your serum is ideal. What sets your products apart from the rest? What makes us so special is the way we fuse natural herbs with naturally derived innovative pharmaceutical ingredients at an ideal percentage to produce the best results for our customers. For us, it’s all about the results. As our slogan says, we provide natural skincare that works. That’s a big claim, and we work very hard to produce just that,which is only possible through the ingredients we use in our products and how we balance each to produce the best product. What demographic is the most prolific users of your products? Females 18-24 years. Are there any additions to the line on the horizon? Yes, we do plan on adding more lines that target skin issues of our users. To Table of Contents