Mélange Accessibility for All Magazine April 2022 | Page 94

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Web Accessibility and its importance to travel businesses in 2022

Did you know that 25 % of the global population has a disability or condition that affects their ability to use the internet ?

That equates to around 61 million people in the U . S . and over 1 billion people worldwide who are unable to use the vast majority of websites . Couple that with this segment ’ s $ 7 trillion spending power and it means that businesses everywhere are missing out on a massive portion of all potential customers and web traffic .
The solution ? Enter web accessibility . It ’ s the inclusive practice of ensuring there are no barriers to interaction on your website for those with disabilities .
Most people only imagine someone who is blind , deaf or in a wheelchair when they think of accessibility . However , web accessibility also helps countless others who have :
• ADHD , dyslexia and other learning disabilities
• A loss of motor skills
• Epilepsy
• Short-term memory loss
• Low vision
• Autism
• Adults with changing abilities due to aging
• And many other common impairments
Instead of falling behind the curve , hospitality businesses who prioritize web accessibility will reap the many benefits , as well as avoid the costly risks . So how is that exactly ?
Drive ROI with Accessibility
Web accessibility is an essential adoption of the digital age — a trend that ’ s only gaining speed as more of our lives moves online . This is especially true for the travel and tourism industry , which is heavily reliant on the internet . Current statistics show that 90 % of travelers will do their research online and 82 % will complete their booking online .
Not having an accessible website means that your business is excluding millions of potential guests . They ’ re currently unable to read about your brand , explore its offerings , browse the photo gallery and ultimately convert . These digital interactions primarily take place on your website and play a crucial role in the decisionmaking process .
So flip the script . Instead of missing out on customers , an accessible website allows you to capture them , expand your reach to new audiences and drive new bookings .