My first Publication The Creative Space Volume 1 January 2020 | Page 5

Topic “Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing.” - Sarah Ban Breathnach, best-selling author, philanthropist and public speaker. She is the author of thirteen books, including “Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy” 2. Read More. Whether it’s a book or an article Try to commit to at least one chapter a day. Educate yourself about your clients and your industry - you won’t regret it; 3. Take time for you. This means eating healthy, committing to an exercise regimen and factoring in time for friends and family. You need balance - the entrepreneurial journey will take everything out of you if you're not careful; 4. Ask for help. No one makes it alone out here. Reach out via industry groups, fempreneur chats or any other means-but please reach out - you’ll be surprised at how much help is out there; 5. Support other small business owners. This is missing in many areas - you want to sell your product/service, but won’t support another person’s hustle. Remember, the fight is against poverty-not each other; 6. Network. Part of being an entrepreneur is based on how well you’re able to “Take up Space”. Make a commitment to attend at least one event every 2 months-more if you can make it. And when you go, don’t hug the walls-make eye contact, smile, get to know people, shake hands, and share business info; 7. Fail forward. 2019 taught us all how failure tastes. When I struggled, I’m now realizing that we were all struggling - some were just too ashamed to say it. Learn from your attempts; cause that’s all they are - indications that your product/service needs some fine- tuning. So go do that; 8. Bootstrap when you can. Start by bartering service for service. Then look at what you can do yourself without a third party. Maybe it’s doing some of your own graphic work or making your own finger foods for small events. Microfinancing continues to be a “thing” and until we are seen as legitimate contributors to the economy, it’s going to continue to be tough. Do what you can, when you can, with what you have. 9. You're not everyone's cup of tea. By that I mean you need to get clear about who you’re serving. Whether it’s product or service, not everyone is going to like you or get you.