My first Publication The Creative Space Volume 1 January 2020 | Page 2

In This Issue  Creating a New Vision: Why writing things down actually works  Ten suggestions to jumpstart your 2020: An Entrepreneur Love Letter “ We all drive ourselves crazy with excessive thinking at times. But when you put  Business Process Optimization: Five Tips for Small Businesses Owners  How to get started: 5 things you need to do NOW your thoughts into words, they become less scary. When you write down what scares you, you will automatically work on a solution. Sometimes the solution is acceptance. But you need to write those things down first.”- Darius Foroux Creating a New Vision: Why writing things down actually works. 3 min. read . In my 1:1 coaching sessions, one of the first things I ask clients to do is buy a notebook. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy-any cheap notepad, notebook or copybook will do. I also advise that they keep a number of notepads around - on the bedside table, in their purse, car, even in the bathroom (many great ideas are birthed on the “Throne”). My point is, inspiration can hit you at any time - better you keep something to record it with. Having said that, there’s a ton of reasons why you should write stuff down. My 6 reasons for doing this? Look below: