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Female Genital Mutilation FGM – FACTS , HELP & ACTIONS Facts • FGM is any procedure that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. • FGM has been illegal in England and Wales since 1985. • FGM is a form of child abuse and violence against women and girls. • It is an offence to fail to protect a girl from the risk of FGM. • FGM is Non-Islamic, against the teachings of Islam and brings Islam into disrepute. • FGM is putting the health of our daughters, sisters, mothers and wives at great risk. • FGM affects girls and women both physically, emotionally and psychologically. • Over 200 million girls and women worldwide have undergone FGM. • 10,000 girls aged under 15 who have migrated to England and Wales are likely to have undergone FGM. Taking Th • In Nottingham, about 85 new cases were recorded through NHS in 2016/17. Taking The City To the Fa Taking The City To the Farm Help Are you concerned a girl or woman is at risk or need support? • Are you from an affected community in Nottingham wanting to make a difference: • Join the Community FGM Steering Group: Contact us • For emotional & peer support for survivors in Nottingham, join the FGM Survivor’s club: Contact us Free • Refer survivors needing medical attention to FGM medical specialist in Nottingham: Contact us Sessions: Free Refugee • Drop in sessions at Mojatu Offices 167 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3JR: Contact Seeker us Sessions: Free FGM helpline Refugees & Asylum • Call 0808 028 350 for a 24/7 anonymous or email: [email protected] Tuesdays Seekers Welcome Sessions: • Call Nottingham City Council Children and Families Direct: 0115 876 4800 Saturdays Certifica Tuesdays • Ring the police on 999 if FGM has just happened or about to happen Saturdays Certificates Offered ADOP Tuesdays Activities include: Saturdays ADOPT A TREE include: Fruit Harvesting Actions Activities Fruit Harvesting Tree Management Activities To help end FGM and support survivors, join one include: of our campaigns or projects Tree Management Weeding for Pumpkin Fruit Harvesting • FGM Survivors Club • Volunteer with us Feeding the animals Weeding for Pumpkins & Maize Form Tree Management • FGM Steering Group • ‘Adopt a tree’ project https://go Feeding the Pumpkins & Maize • FGM Global Faith Ambassador Weeding • for Donate to support our animals work Form online @ • FGM Global Young Ambassador Feeding • the Fundraise our work oodland 9sz animals to support W gement nd a l ana ion EDIBL d o M o W t E n e ss s ‘18 m e Se WOODLA ag n EDIBLE nd n a l a d p M o e s o S W ment pr- Home Farm, Screv A Ecocentre, ssio ‘18 Se WOODLAND For more information, contact Foundation p www.farmeco e Man e a s g s e i Mojatu S s - r n p Home Farm, Screveton, NG13 8JL A Ecocentre, https://goo.g Mojatu Foundatio S e o 07794372214 Phone: 01158457009 Mobile: 8 1 ‘ p S - r T: 0115 784 6666 | M: Ro 07 Email: [email protected] Website: Ap Mojatu Foundation | 167 Alfreton • Request for training T: 0115 784 6666 | M: 0751 366 1176 | E: ang Mojatu Foundation | 167 Alfreton Road, NG7 3JR T: 0115 784 6666 | M: 0751 366 1176 | E: [email protected] @ mojatuf @ @ mojatuf @mojatu_foundation