What is electronic Indian Visa ( India e- Visa )?

Government of India has launched electronic travel authorisation or eTA for India which allows citizens of 180 countries to travel to India without requiring a physical stamping on the passport . This new type of authorisation is called an eVisa India ( or electronic India Visa ).
It is this electronic India Visa Online that allows foreign visitors to visit India for five major purposes , tourism / recreation / short term courses , business , medical visit or conferences . There are further number of sub-categories under each visa type .
All foreign travellers are required to hold an India eVisa ( India Visa application online process ) or a regular / paper Visa prior to entry into the country as per Indian Government Immigration Authorities .
Note that travellers to India from these 180 countries , which are eligible to apply for an India Visa online are not required to visit Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission for the purpose of getting a Visa to India . If you belong to an eligible nationality , then you can apply for an India Visa Online . Once the visa to India is being issued in an electronic format , then you can either carry an electronic copy on your mobile device or printed copy of this eVisa India ( electronic India Visa ). Immigration Officer at the border will check that the eVisa India is valid in the system for the concerned passport and person .
Indian Visa online method of procurement or eVisa India is the preferred , secured and trusted method of entry to India . Paper or conventional India Visa is not considered as trusted method by the Government of India . As an additional , benefit to the travellers , they do not need to visit local Indian Embassy / Consulate or High Commission to secure India Visa as this visa can be procured online .
Types of India eVisa
There are five high level types of India eVisa ( India Visa online application process )
For tourism reasons , the e-Tourist Visa For business reasons , the e-Business Visa For medical reasons , the e-Medical Visa