My first Publication How does the air fryer work

How does the air fryer work? Basically, you have a kind of oven that is invaded by a profusion of hot air (like a mega super hairdryer), a sort of mini fan oven. There are various versions of air fryers. Basically, there are 2 schools of thought: Put food in a basket that also has an arm inside that acts as a mixer and slowly turns the food so as not to attack them (perfect for French fries) or large baskets, without a mixer, where every now and then if you make the fries you have to pull out the basket and shake it. In both cases, in the case, if for example, you want to make frozen fries, the oil you will have to use can be zero or a simple teaspoon. This is because, even if it seems absurd , during the "air frying" the oil that is actually already inside the frozen fries will be reused. When, on the other hand, I want to make French fries, starting from potatoes, it will not be necessary to use them in profusion too, in this case too, a teaspoon of oil will be enough and we will have a perfect result.