My first Magazine - Page 8

I would also like to organize at least two meetings this year. Proposed date, venue and time for 1st meeting, Sunday 5th March 2017, Counter Culture Restaurant, Sandra Road, Ballito at 14h00. Please let me know if you can attend. To be confirmed.

Also a big thank you to Ian and his team for redesigning the SAPP website and newsletter, you guys have done a fantastic job. For the Facebookers the SAPP now has its own Facebook page, Ian is looking for someone to manage it, any volunteers? Please contact Ian.

Lastly, let’s all become constructive, active members in the SAPP and make it work for us! Being a passive or negative member will not help the SAPP at all, we need your support and input to make this a truly great organization and powerful promotional tool. As professionals, we are competing with non-professionals who generally have poor photographic skills, knowledge and have no idea what it takes to run a successful full-time photography business and therefore charge ridiculously low rates which we cannot compete with. This is why we must strive to drive the SAPP to become a household name! The public needs to know about us and trust us so they choose us before even considering anyone else. We need your help to achieve this. If anyone has any strong contacts in the marketing industry who can help us achieve this please contact Ian or myself.

Kind Regards

Ken Mann KZN Manager