My first Magazine - Page 7

Hi KZN Members,

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a photo shoot filled 2017!

I personally, have found 2016 to be a very slow photography year, mostly my fault, I guess, due to only using my website as a marketing tool but that said, I have always worked this way and 2016 was definitely my quietest year for a long time. I did give Facebook a try last year and found that it was a very hungry animal which needed feeding all the time to get anything constructive out of it. I would rather be taking photos! I have deleted my account. This also means that the SAPP-KZN Facebook group has also been deleted.

The Facebook group could have worked but it seems that most of you who are on Facebook also battle to feed the Facebook animal and I was a bit disappointed with the result. That said I am still looking for a way for all of us to connect with each other easily, my latest thought is through a private or public forum. This means that everyone can participate and you don’t have to be a Facebook member, I know a lot of you are but there are also quite a few who are not.

A private forum will mean that only members of the forum will be able to see the forum and partake in it.

A public forum will mean that everyone will be able to view the forum and post comments. This type of form will need a lot of constructive management, therefore I will need the help of moderators.

I personally like the idea of a public forum as this means, we as professional photographers, will get feedback from the public, good or bad, which we can then act on in a positive manner. A public forum will also give the SAPP more exposure. Let me know what you think.