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YEARLY Timeline ACHIEVEMENTS 2016 JULY Start work on the rover SEPTEMBER Recruitment and Training of Junior Team NOVEMBER Submission of Preliminary Design Review (PDR) JANUARY 2017 2018 13th place in URC globally 2nd in Asia 8th place in URC globally 1st in Asia 100% score in Science task 2nd in Critical Design Review task 1st in inaugural edition ofIndian Rover Challenge. 7 th all over the world in URC 2018. Testing of rover for URC MAY Shipping of rover to USA JUNE Participation in URC 5 The research subsystem regularly represents the team at various national and international conferences and has presented research papers at conferences like International and National Conference on Machines and Mechanisms (INaCoMM)2017, International Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (ICASET) 2017, and Symbiot 2017. 6