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M echanical O UR S UB -S YSTEMS The mechanical team provides the basic skeleton of the rover which includes the wheels, suspension, chassis, robotic manipulator and the soil collection mechanism. The guidelines provided by URC form the basis over which each of our component is designed. Every part that is put on the rover undergoes an extensive development cycle to ensure its reliability. The development cycle includes a thorough study of the problem statement and design and analysis of each component on var- ious CAE software. S cience The Science Cache team is responsible for soil sample analysis. On field the best possible soil for laboratory analy- sis is chosen based on data acquired from sensors. At the test station the team has to perform suitable tests on soil to determine Geological, Bio- logical and Chemical properties of soil and determine the viability of the sample to investigate the possibility of life. The main goal is to find search for past- present - life and future possibility to support life. E lectronics & AI The electronics team is responsible for powering various segments of the rover,that work together to achieve desired performance of the rover over all the tasks. They are also responsible for control and communica- tion of the rover, and also works towards maximum customization of the products that we use onboard the rover. The development of the autono- mus system creates a closed loop scenario where various sensors of the rover communicate with each other to control the rover. M anagement Management subsystem is responsi- ble for all the non-technical work of the team. It is involved in the overall progress of the team by handling sponsorship, finance, public rela- tions, publicity, media platforms and human resource management. The team designs posters and brochures, manages the website and provides videos for advertisement and sponsors. It is also responsible for the smooth functioning of the team’s day to day work. Research subsystem is responsible for compiling all the research work done by the team and publishing this research in indexed journals as well as national and inter- national conference. The research team has already presented MRM in various In- ternational Conferences. They also work on the development of proprietary tech- nology and long term projects whose solutions will be used in future rovers. 7 R esearch 8