My e-Participation Story - Page 25

Self-reflection and self-awareness are very important values to me, which is why I want to take time to develop my social and communication skills and grow on a personal and professional level. After I have searched for EU content on social media, I have quickly learned about a network of organizations and websites that offered information for non-formal education, trainings and contests, in the subjects I’m interested in, such as youth activism and environmental protection. headlines related to Immigration policy and discussing and sharing ideas about immigration issues. This was a topic I could relate to the most because of the situation with the immigrants in my own country. I took a short survey and realized I had strong views on immigration for family reunification, so I have joined the debates on the topic. The whole journey was educational and made me think about the policies EU countries have for immigrants, their employment, families, rights and education. One that caught my attention the most was the Facebook page of European Youth, which easily led me to the European Youth Portal. I was very happy to see some other topics that I like there, such as Arts & Entertainment, which brought me to an open call for participation at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2015. I’d like to take place in it because it’s an amazing opportunity and I’ll try my best to seize it. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be involved and find out more about how the EU works, because that’s the key to success – being connected and realizing we have the power to achieve anything if we’re together, helping and challenging ourselves to be the best we can, only then we’ll be able to build a better society for us and our future generations. Another part of this first-time experience was using the main EU tools, such as the Puzzled by Policy website. It immediately interested me because I saw � 25