My e-Participation Story - Page 24

Story author: Mila Grozdanovska e-Participation tools: European Youth Portal Puzzled by Policy 11 Connecting makes a difference We live in a world of highly developed technology and science, and as people, we’re standing at a turning point where awareness of equality between all people is constantly increasing. We call for a peaceful society where nobody is judged based on their skin colour, gender, sexuality or religion, and with time it’s becoming more possible to make that idea a reality. As a 16-year-old, I think of what makes me feel safe and what motivates me to do better. After a lot of thought, I found the answer: being part of something bigger that brings everyone together, a feeling of unity, mutual support and connection. One way to make that connection was by forming the European Union, a way for European countries to work towards achieving mutual goals. Even though my country isn’t a member and I’m a small part of it, I was glad to discover a simple tool called e-Participation, which enables me to make my own connection to the EU, allows me to intera