My e-Participation Story - Page 23

Apps4citizens is an initiative which aims to promote participation and civic, social and political engagement through the use of mobile applications. The platform, based on a user who interacts, has three complementary approaches: • For a citizen it is a place to find and propose apps so that it will build a quality selection among all • For application developers it is a stimulus for their work • For organizations it has the ability to articulate innovation differently (with a certain model and values). All this goes under the common umbrella of social commitment and collective political action for the improvement of the quality of democracy. The project is built on four legs: 1. the appteca (compilation apps) 2. the festivalapp (recognition) 3. the hackapp (development) 4. wikapp (knowledge about the subject). The project involves dozens of experts in order to evaluate and assess the applications that are proposed by the leaders but also by individual citizens who join the initiative. � 23