Musculoskeletal Matters 3: Patient Experiences

MUSCULOSKELETAL MATTERS Ar thritis Research UK Prim ar y C are C ity s r e e n v t i r e n , Keele U Bulletin 3: PATIENT EXPERIENCES • Understanding people’s experiences of living with musculoskeletal pain can help with providing effective care and support in general practice. • The patient’s view can be explored by using qualitative research methods, for example in interview studies, focus group meetings, or diary studies. • This bulletin reports on how patients’ experiences have been incorporated into a Guidebook on Osteoarthritis (OA), and also on two recent qualitative studies at Keele. Development of an Osteoarthritis Guidebook These bulletins are designed to provide information for general practitioners, the primary care team, teachers, trainers and policy makers about musculoskeletal problems in practice People who have osteoarthritis (OA) and health care professionals who treat and/or research it have helped to develop a guidebook on OA. The guidebook, which includes both lay experiential and clinical evidence-based knowledge, is intended to be used in the consultation and to provide an ongoing resource for patients. The inclusion of lay experiences means professional advice is set in the everyday world of patients and that health care professionals are made aware of lay priorities and different ways of coping. The guidebook is still in the research phase but will be part of a complex intervention in a forthcoming study. Thus, the guidebook should help to support self care. October 2010