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Andy Koopmans , CPA , CMA , CMO Executive Director
Craig Wellington Director , Programs & Services
Rick Johal Director , Member & Sector Relations
Roger Ramkissoon , CPA , CGA Manager , Finance & Administration
Anubha Meta , Ph . D . Manager , Education & PD Program Development
Brenda Armstrong Johnston Specialist , Membership Services
Michelle Sampson Executive Assistant
Kathleen Barrett Co-ordinator , Communications & Marketing
Jeanne Moon Co-ordinator , Programs & Services
Rosita Bourke Co-ordinator , Programs & Services
Manjit Badh Co-ordinator , Programs & Services
Eric Muller Policy Advisor
Tawanda Chirenda Co-ordinator , Accreditation
Jane Chevannes Administrative Assistant , Programs & Services

Looking Back

50 Years

Municipal concerns in 1967 were much the same as today

In June 1967 , AMCTO launched the first edition of the Municipal Monitor , as a new monthly publication designed to “ serve as a small library of current matters to keep the membership as fully informed as possible .” Noting that this was the second attempt to produce a bulletin for the Association , after a short-lived quarterly publication was discontinued in 1953 , Doug Watt , editor ( and recently retired city clerk for the City of Welland ) wrote that “ the life

“ Nobody seems to be able to amuse themselves , from a fouryear-old , so Mother can bowl , to the Old-Age Pensioner who wants to play checkers , but has to have somebody make the arrangements . This all costs money ! Where do we stop and get back to earth ?”
By Andy Koopmans , CPA , CMA , CMO Executive Director , AMCTO
of this four-page booklet is only as long as our 400-odd members make it .”
Now , 50 years later , the almost 2,200 members of AMCTO are the beneficiaries of the ambition and dedication of that first editorial board who started us on the path that led us to today ’ s Municipal Monitor , a 20- to 30-page quarterly magazine that features articles on the key management and leadership issues affecting municipal professionals across the province .
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