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Opening Keynote : Heather Moyse
Closing Keynote : Liane Davey
Hospice Huntsville
June 11th - 14th , 2017 , Huntsville , Ontario

Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote : Heather Moyse
Heather Moyse is a Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and an Advocate For Human Achievement .
Two-time Olympic gold medalist and three-sport athlete Heather Moyse is an ambassador , a role model , and a champion . Representing Canada ’ s national teams in bobsleigh , rugby , and cycling , Heather is arguably Canada ’ s best all-round female athlete , ever . Living by her personal motto , “ believe in the possibilities ”, Heather inspires people to go after all of their dreams .
Heather will deliver an inspiring talk on ‘ Changes and Challenges : Obstacles or Opportunities ?’ You have the dream . You have the drive and the dedication . You are well on your way to reaching your pinnacle of success . When , suddenly , something goes wrong . Something changes . You are faced with challenges that are blocking your view of the finish line . Problems are inevitable in sport , in business , and in life . But when you are faced with change , do you see it as an obstacle blocking your path to success ? Or do you embrace it as a challenge and see it as an opportunity ?
With powerful insight and personal anecdotes of overcoming her own obstacles on route to the top of the Olympic podium , Heather discusses the qualities it takes to move beyond what seemingly stands in our way to achieving our own successes , whatever the arena . You will leave this presentation ready to embrace change and overcome obstacles .
Closing Keynote : Liane Davey
Liane Davey is an Expert on Building Effective Teams , Business Strategy Development and Building Leadership Effectiveness .
Liane will present her Keynote Address on ‘ The Conflict Cure : Embracing Productive Conflict .’ Angry , aggressive conflict increases stress and decreases engagement . Passive-aggressive conflict erodes trust and stalls productivity . Liane helps you understand the importance of productive conflict and helps you build the skills to have conflict in a way that promotes strong relationships .
The bestselling author of You First : Inspire Your Team to Grow Up , Get Along , and Get Stuff Done , Liane ’ s mission is to radically transform the way people communicate , connect , and contribute , so they can achieve amazing things together . Her approach combines a keen expertise in strategy with her deep insight into group dynamics to increase the value organizations get from teamwork and collaboration .
Liane has served on the executive of the Canadian Society for Industrial / Organizational Psychology and as an evaluator for the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards . She holds a Ph . D . in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from the University of Waterloo .
Official Conference Charity
Hospice Huntsville
AMCTO is proud to provide the opportunity at each annual conference for a worthy local charity to receive profile and be the recipient of donations . This year the Conference Coordinating Committee has selected Hospice Huntsville .
Hospice Huntsville provides care and support to individuals in the Huntsville area who are facing end of life situations . This care and support is also extended to their families and caregivers and is provided in the setting of their choice . All services and programs of Hospice Huntsville are completely free of charge to those we serve and their families .
www . hospicehuntsville . com
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