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Wanawake niche specialist supplier
Having taken over the premises and staff of Hi-Force SA , along with the backing of Hi-Force UK , customers can be assured of the same reliable customer service they have become accustomed to over the last 16 years in South Africa .
Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools have over 30 years ’ experience in manufacturing and technical sales of high-pressure hydraulic maintenance tools . Our tools are used across the globe in the petrochemical , mining , oil and gas , civil , power generation , steel and aluminium plants , aerospace , defence and heavy engineering industries to mention a few . Hi-Force hydraulic tools continually satisfy the demands of the industry during construction , production , breakdown and routine shutdown repair and maintenance . Wanawake Industrial Supplies provide an essential link between Hi-Force UK and their loyal customers .
Ebara pumps , manufactured in Italy and Japan are a world leader in the design and manufacture of water pumps for both the industrial and domestic markets . Ebara is a trusted brand and has been imported from Italy for over 25 years . Ebara pumps range from centrifugal water pumps to submersible water pumps , available in both cast iron and stainlesssteel construction .
For more information contact : + 27 ( 0 ) 79 698 5797 sean . sandham @ wanawake-is . co . za / www . wanawake-is . co . za
Afrigrit ’ s Synthetic Slag Aggregates ( Stemming material )
AFRIGRIT aggregates are cheaper , more stable , sustainable , and abundantly friendlier on the environment than natural stone . It has a wide range of applications and considered to be a “ green ” product by the environmentalists . The slag aggregate is consistent and readily available , it is screened and stockpiled . Haul roads last longer due to the extra design life of roads being constructed using AFRIGRIT slag aggregate .
AFRIGRIT ’ s slag aggregate is utilized successfully as stemming material to insulate an explosive charge . The friable material is inert to the action of an explosion , is sufficiently hard with a high co- efficient of internal friction . The volume of rock is reduced by 7 – 10 % increasing burden and spacing distances with better fragmentation , stemming increases the resistance to the escape of gaseous detonation products from the charge case . Stemming material aids to the performance of efficient crushing work or removal of rock to a particular distance .
For more information contact : + 27 ( 0 ) 79 698 5797 mike @ afrigrit . co . za / www . afrigrit . co . za
www . MTEexpos . co . za / Interact with your industry
Vibrating screens , feeders as well as crushing
KSM Projects supplies , installs and maintains vibrating screens , feeders and crushing equipment .
We have strategic partnerships with various giants in this industry as an Emerging Black Woman Owned Business .
The above vibrating screen consists of the freely suspended screen body and a shaft assembly which carries the body . The shaft is counterbalanced by flywheels against screen weight and loads that may be superimposed on it . It can operate at higher speed giving greater screening capacity at lower power cost . The sting of the positive , high speed vibration eliminates blinding of screen opening .
For more information contact : + 27 ( 0 ) 73 950 9096 / ksmprojects @ gmail . com
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