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The SAP TS410 is one of the most sought after and recognized technical certifications globally. A command of SAP opens the doors to employment opportunities across more than 25 unique industries, including energy, national resources, financial management, public sector, and retail.

Whether you are seeking to expand your role at your current workplace or are searching for a new career path, an SAP certification will be the catalyst that propels your career into new heights.

Choose your Pathway to SAP with SMLA.

Comprehensive SAP Certification Program

An all-inclusive SAP training designed for students with any level of experience on SAP. Students are taught a well-rounded, competency-based, hands-on curriculum designed to expose them to every essential SAP knowledge area, and its interlinked business process and functional department.

SAP TS410 Exam Prep Bootcamp

An intensive high-level review of SAP TS410 examination concepts devised for experienced SAP users or students preparing for their certification exam. Participants are given an exhaustive refresher on key SAP functionalities and their integration into enterprise business processes.

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