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We are a State-licensed, board governed, fully audited, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit school founded in 2008. The mission of Workshops for Warriors is to provide quality training, accredited STEM educational programs, and opportunities to earn third party nationally recognized credentials to enable veterans, transitioning service members, and other students to be successfully trained and placed in their chosen advanced manufacturing career field.

We provide educational and vocational training with core classes providing advanced training and workshops in CNC Machining and Welding.

Our classes in welding, computer aided design, milling, and machining include:

Snap-on Torque and Meter NC3 Course

Starrett Precision Measuring NC3 Course

Water Jet Operator Course

3D Printing Course

Plasma Cutting Course

(Fabrication will be implemented as a future course.)

Founder Hernán Luis y Prado, a U.S. Navy officer with combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, recalls, “I saw many of my fellow service members feeling lost with no path to a successful civilian life. I needed to change that.”

For more information on Workshops for Warriors, visit their website, or contact Keisha via email.

Workshops for Warriors® is rebuilding American manufacturing,

one veteran at a time.™| 29