MSEJ Salute to Industry Manufacturing and Logistics | Page 21

Computer Numerically Controlled Tool Programmers, also called: Computer Numerical Control Machinist (CNC Machinist), Computer Numerical Control Programmer (CNC Programmer), Programmer.

A CNC Programmer will develop programs to control machining or processing of materials by automatic machine tools, equipment, or systems. May also set up, operate, or maintain equipment. On the job, you would: write programs in the language of a machine's controller and store programs on media, such as punch tapes, magnetic tapes, or disks. Determine the sequence of machine operations, and select the proper cutting tools needed to machine workpieces into the desired shapes. Revise programs or tapes to eliminate errors, and retest programs to check that problems have been solved.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for this profession include: a high school diploma and post high school certificate, having a basic knowledge of engineering and technology, math and science, and manufactured or agricultural goods. This may be a good fit for you if your personality traits include: attention to detail, independence, analytical thinking, dependability, integrity, and achievement.| 21