MSEJ May 2016 - Page 8

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Career Success is about Educational Quality, Not Quantity

I am going to address the importance of education to demonstrate career knowledge and focus and how employers view education. My goal is to debunk the common perception that educational QUANTITY is more important than educational QUALITY. I hope you avoid spending money on unnecessary education and training.

By: Amy Rossi

First, let me share with you my professor's response when I told him I wanted to pursue a doctorate in Human Resources.

Professor: "This is the education career end for you.”

Me: (VERY OFFENDED) “What? I want a Doctorate so I’ll be more marketable.”

Professor: “Amy, I didn’t mean to offend you. Do your research: positions in Human Resources require a master’s. A doctorate won’t make you more marketable—spending more money on education will not increase your chances of working in this field. A Master’s is really all you need, so this is the end of education in your career field with a direct return on investment.”

LIGHT BULB MOMENT. He stopped me from spending $80,000 on a Doctorate that I didn’t need.

BEFORE continuing your education, research what you need to qualify for the positions you want. What degrees are required in your desired field? Any certifications or special skills needed?