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In 2013, we brought you the story of two Military Spouses on a bold and powerful mission to provide creative + mobile career opportunities to other Military Spouses stationed across the country. “R. Riveter, named after Rosie the Riveter, was born from a simple, yet bold notion that military spouses are deserving of sustainable careers.” Co-Founders Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse dreamt of a business model that would change the face of at-home work; a career that would allow Military Spouses to become their own bosses, have more time for family and, most importantly, take their job with them wherever the military asked their families to go next.

As Military Spouses, Lisa and Cameron had fallen victim to the employment struggles this community understands so well. They bonded over those common experiences and began to forge a new path for Military Spouses everywhere. “Depending on the career path a Military Spouse chooses, there are a number of factors that can affect how employable we are. In one place, finding a job in your area of expertise is easy… and then 2-3 years later you find

yourself in a new location where securing employment proves impossible,” Cameron told us. She and Lisa agreed that the only true guarantee of a consistent income for a Military Spouse would lie in the career that can travel with him/her – a mobile career. |

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Bags on a Mission

Hand stamped leather, bearing the R. Riveter logo. All of the parts + pieces that create an R. Riveter bag are handcrafted by Military Spouses, stationed coast to coast. This box is an example of a shipment from one of our Remote Riveters, shipped to our FabShop in Southern Pines, NC for assembly.

Article by:

Kellie Gunderman,

R. Riveter

“R. Riveter became our dream. We gave ourselves to the mission and chose a product that symbolized beauty, strength and resiliency: the handbag.”

– Lisa Bradley

Photography: Abi Ray | + Hilary Darty | Remote Riveter