MSEJ March 2015 - Page 5

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The MSEJ Edition

We embrace the trust and credibility we have earned as an organization serving a selfless military community. The MSEJ is just one part of our mission and, like all of our other services, the MSEJ strives for operational excellence.

We are never satisfied with the status quo.

What can we expect from the MSEJ in 2015?

Expect GREAT things from the MSEJ in 2015.

During 2015, we are working to improve on our goal of being the most relevant military employment journal in the nation by introducing new segments like: "Building Public Private Partnerships"; "There isn’t just ONE Applicant"; "CEO Par Excellence"; "CASY-MSCCN Team Member Highlights"; and (my personal and professional favorite) "How to Fund Your Organization".

Not to worry, these are additional features for the MSEJ that will allow us to reach a greater audience and provide more news and information in order to better serve our readers. We will continue to share our tried and true columns and features as well. After all, why mess with success?

Also, we are building the MSEJ Writers Guild to provide training to new MSEJ writers and bring you, our readers, a more diverse and knowledgeable team of writers to share career topics, news, and information.

Relying on the writing expertise and strength of our MSEJ staff, CASY-MSCCN is also rolling out the Volunteer Resume Writers Coalition to provide additional resume writing support to our military-affiliated job applicants.

Like I said, Team CASY-MSCCN is never satisfied with the status quo! Join us in 2015 and watch us grow!