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I get a lot of questions about the Military Service Employment Journal (the MSEJ), its mission, and our goals.

My message regarding the MSEJ in 2015 is :

Watch us Grow!

The Founder's Perspective:

By: Deb Kloeppel, Founder and President, CASY & MSCCN

Tell us about the MSEJ.

The MSEJ is in its eleventh year of publication. What began as a quarterly newsletter under the stewardship of its co-founders, Amy Rossi and myself, has evolved into a monthly publication that continues to grow.

The MSEJ is a precious commodity for our CASY-MSCCN Team Members, applicants, recruiters, and employment partners. We don’t muddy our informational waters with regurgitated information. We work hard to publish accurate, relevant, and meaningful news and information for our readers and, since we don’t like to waste time, we create each edition of the MSEJ to focus on the specific needs and goals of our military-affiliated applicants so that they can stay up-to-date and relevant in order to work with leading recruiters in the workforce.


We take particular pride in operating with the most efficient and transparent stewardship of our funders’ financial support. Team CASY-MSCCN works with fury and passion to remain the leader in our nonprofit environment and to place military-affiliated applicants into real jobs in real time.

We track our outcomes (the good, the bad, and the ugly) with world-class technology donated to us by IBM. The MSEJ serves to communicate our outcomes as it publishes our hiring numbers and highlights particular Veteran and Military Spouse Success Stories monthly.

Why does Team CASY-MSCCN work SO hard to produce the MSEJ?

After learning about our processes from the inside-out during her time as a CASY-MSCCN independent contractor, Bianca Strakowski once asked me, “Why does the team work so hard for you, Deb?” I told Bianca, "The Team works as ONE unit…It's mission first. They don't work for me - they work for the mission."