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MSCCN is proud to announce that it met all 20 standards to maintain its status as an accredited charity.


If you are interested please send your resume to Bianca Nafpliotis, Career Corps Volunteer Program Coordinator at


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While it's best to be early, you never want to be TOO early (or TOO late) to an interview.

Arrive to your interview no more than 15 minutes, but no less than 5 minutes,

prior to your scheduled time.

(Don't forget to allow for time to park and get through security if necessary.)

For more tips, check out the free Heroes Get Hired e-book available at

MSCCN provided a valuable service that helped me to change my mindset and how I was approaching the job search in such a competitive and demanding field. The knowledge and capabilities I now have renewed my confidence in applying for more jobs. After a few months of volunteering, I was offered and accepted a Human Resources position.

Experience provides growth and opens the door to opportunity. I was at a point where I felt unworthy and simply frustrated. Today, I’m grateful to have had that time of struggle. In doing so, I received the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and receive professional experience from an organization that understands the real challenges of being a military spouse.

Congratulations, Tuawana!

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Interview Tip: 15 and 5 Minutes

(from Chapter 3 of Heroes Get Hired)