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Swap success Story...Heather Morris

As a job seeker and college graduate, I was pursuing an entry level position in the Human Resources field. Searching for employment within this field was extremely challenging. I attended resume building workshops and sought out other certifications that could help me stand out.

After two years with limited results, the passion and excitement I initially felt began to fade. The constant application rejections took an emotional toll, and I was ready to quit. Then, one day I attended a career fair at my local military installation in Quantico, VA, where Amy Rossi presented resume trainings. Her energy was refreshing and made me want to learn more. Attending this job fair began the next chapter in this journey.

I registered with MSCCN and immediately received an email from Employment Specialist, Andrea Hay. She was very informative and provided resources. After that experience, I had a little more hope and proceeded with the information I had obtained. I started attending the virtual resume and training workshops weekly. Amy Rossi also offered to personally review my resume prior to sending it out to an employer. It meant a lot to have an experienced professional filled with compassion to help and show others the way.

In hopes of gaining experience within HR, I took Amy Rossi’s advice and began to seek volunteer roles in the industry I was interested in. MSCCN had the perfect volunteer opportunity for me. I applied for the MSCCN volunteer opportunity and quickly became involved and familiar with aspects of the human resources field. My HR manager (Micki Auten) was a fellow military spouse and was also deeply devoted to the growth of her peers. In moments of “doubt” about my role within the organization, Micki was consistently patient and made me feel valued. For that, I will always be thankful.