MSEJ March 2015 - Page 15

On January 20, 2015,, a leading resource for remote and work from home employment, released their second annual list of the “100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2015.”

The list also breaks jobs down into a list of the seven “Top Industries with Remote Jobs” to identify professions that provide remote opportunities.

At CASY-MSCCN, we work with a lot of military spouses who are interested in remote opportunities in order to combat the continued search for new employment opportunities after every PCS and to provide job stability on their resumes.

If you are interested in remote opportunities, check out’s list at

As always, verify the legitimacy of remote work opportunities.


Flex Jobs Releases Second Annual

"100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs"


If you are interested please send your resume to Bianca Nafpliotis, Career Corps Volunteer Program Coordinator at


Career Corps.

Cover Letters that Get Interviews

Make it Meaningful: The cover letter also provides you with the chance to show WHO YOU ARE and EXPLAIN anything you might need to explain—specifically job gaps, reasons for leaving a job after a short time, etc. While the resume doesn’t provide the opportunity to discuss these concerns, the cover letter allows you the chance to provide a reason if necessary.

And don’t forget…be gracious, thankful, and excited.

They may seem like platitudes, but thanking someone

for their time builds good will, which goes a long way!

It’s easy to want to skip the cover letter after toiling

over your resume for so long. RESIST. THE. URGE.

Write a cover letter that will build on your resume and propel you into an interview!