MSEJ March 2015 - Page 13


MSCCN is proud to announce that it met all 20 standards to maintain its status as an accredited charity.

Yet, with a lot of hard work and determination, I finally made my first sale. I took my cues from an established agent who encouraged me to continue building my professional experience by getting my broker’s license and networking with other individuals. With her help, I learned to appreciate my clients and “ask for the business;” with these two values, I continued helping people find their perfect home for the next 23 years.

Around the same time, my husband and I boldly decided to start our own company. We began with a few trucks, two apprentices, and whatever work we could find. To save on costs, we ran our operation out of our home — which made for an interesting home life — trucks coming in and out, phones ringing day and night with inquiries about both our company and real estate, and supplies tucked into every available space.

It was chaotic, but it also taught our children the value of hard work. Our girls were professionals at taking calls by the age of nine.

After ten years, the company grew to 24 employees, and now our adult children run a successful business of 80 employees.

Finding the right work can be difficult because there’s no handbook explaining how exactly to become successful, and success and goals change with time and circumstance.

The success I have achieved is not the success I first imagined for myself when I chose to become a nurse.

There are no perfect jobs out there, but there are a lot of really good ones. I hope you find yours.