MSEJ March 2015 - Page 11


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3.When you will begin to assert yourself into discussions of pay raises and upgraded work environments in order to maintain peak performance.

4.Why you find purpose in the job.

Want to know ONE WAY to get a job?


If you possess all of the qualifiers stated in the job description (plus some), you should never be shy about your desire to work for an employer. Every job (and I mean every job) that I have landed is because I remained persistent through politeness when “getting” to the right person on the phone or on paper, never through email, however. I’ve found success through Persistence through Politeness.

Introducing our CEOs Par Excellence Series

We’re turning a few pages of the MSEJ over to successful people who refused to become ordinary or typical in their job search, career path, and entrepreneurial spirit for them to share their definitions of success with you. These extraordinary workers and entrepreneurs will share the ways and outcomes they used to blaze their trail – their way.

Karen Birkel’s story and career—as nurse, real estate agent, and business owner—underscore the twists and turns life takes and how adapting to those changes while moving forward with your goals and dreams can lead to success.