MSEJ March 2015 - Page 10

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Cookie Cutter Applicants - No More


Deb Kloeppel, Founder and President, CASY & MSCCN

What does it take to be an applicant who stands out to employers?

We live in a corporate world that has seen its share of exaggerated truths, overblown egos, and not-so-true biographies and resumes, leaving hiring managers a little on the suspicious side when it comes to “face-value” applicants.

Here at CASY-MSCCN, we instruct our military-affiliated applicants to remain boldly honest, completely transparent, and confident in their abilities to work a job into long-term earning potential.

You see, we no longer work in “jobs” until retirement. Nor do we “job-hop” for boredom’s sake.

The truly smart and edgy applicant understands that it isn’t the job you work that makes the difference – it’s what you make of yourself in the job that makes a difference.

Do Not Allow Yourself to Become a Typical Applicant.

It’s crucial you know:

1. What you want FROM the job (and not just pay) in the way of career tracking into long term earning power.

2. How you want to perform inside the job, including the length of time you want to promote inside the job.

Absolutely everything in the way of viable and transferable skills that a hiring manager can verify.