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Who is ReC3ON for?

ReC3ON is for all Army Active, National Guard, and Reserves ROTC Cadets. Are you a Cadet who is:

Looking for an internship to supplement your education?

Looking for certifications to enhance your education?

Looking for a part-time job during college?

Looking for mentorship or coaching on your direction in life?

Looking for assistance with your resume or interview preparation?

Looking for help with your career path?

Looking for work after graduation?

Then ReC3ON is for you!

The ReC3ON Difference

Our ReC3ON team works with individual Cadets, like Jocelyn, a recent Virginia Tech graduate and Army Reservist. Jocelyn explained, "Ms. Hein was very helpful in assisting me with my job search as well as giving advice throughout the process. She helped me look for positions to apply for and answered all questions that I had in a timely manner."

Partners Who Can Help ReC3ON Cadets

The CASY team helps thousands of people every year, and while we’re good at what we do, we’ve recognized over the years that we cannot do it alone, which is why we connect with companies and organizations who can expand our quality, and much needed, services offered to ReC3ON Cadets.

While all supporters of military and Veteran communities are welcome to speak with us, our team is specifically looking for those who can help us to meet the short and long-term employment needs and career goals of ROTC Cadets.

If you have a service or no cost offering [yes, we mean FREE] that can benefit ROTC Cadets let us know. Send an email to and a team member will be in touch! If you work with an organization that provides internships, part-time employment, or other opportunities and would like to support ReC3ON, please contact us at:

Cadets, ReC3ON Your Future!

If you know an ROTC Cadet or you are one, we encourage you to sign up for ReC3ON by registering for support services today. ReC3ON program specialists are standing by to help! Cadets can get started by visiting us at [Scroll down and click on the BIG green button].

Jocelyn, Army Reservist, VT Graduate, & ReC3ON Cadet, received two different offers!