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Every year thousands of ROTC Cadets commission into the National Guard and Army Reserve. These Guard and Reserve members hold an exceptional position in our society as they straddle two worlds—the civilian and military. Upon graduation, these “citizen soldiers” must compete against millions of other college graduates as they try to balance the demands of their military obligations while also finding and growing a civilian career.

Being a "civilian soldier" creates unique employment obstacles for those in the ROTC program as well as the Guard and Reserve. This is one of the reasons that Corporate America Supports You (CASY) has developed the National Guard Employment Network (NGEN), State Guard and Reserve initiatives. For ROTC Cadets, this initiative is ReC3ON.

What does ReC3ON do?

The mission behind ReC3ON is pretty straight forward: to give graduating ROTC Cadets an edge when looking to land a job. This program works with ROTC Cadets throughout their college education and provides access to exclusive internships and apprenticeships, the opportunity to obtain key industry certifications, and job placement assistance. These valuable employment readiness tools prepare Cadets for employment while helping them to align with, launch, and grow their civilian career... All for free. That’s right, all services are provided at zero-cost to ROTC Cadets.

Ms. Hein was very helpful in assisting me with my job search as well as giving advice throughout the process!

~ Jocelyn

Photo by Karim Ilya. CC Attribution 2.0 Generic License

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ROTC Cadets Find Direction with ReC3ON